About Us

Capital Quant (CapQuant) is a boutique firm focused on providing analytics for capital markets. CapQuant offers both products and services which help our client organizations take better and timely trading decisions. Combining insights from multiple streams of data (both structured and unstructured) to generate algorithms for markets is the key objective to which all product and service offerings from CapQuant are aligned.

CapQuant team comprises of professionals who have deep expertise in capital markets technology and have led technology functions for global investment banks. In addition to core technology the expertise of the team is in the following areas:

  • Machine learning – Algorithms based on machine learning are used to analyze unstructured data such as news and tweets.
  • Statistical Algorithms – These are used to derive intelligence from quantitative data.

Meet The Team

Executive Management Team

Pravin Lal

Co-Founder & CEO

Accomplished banking & capital markets technology professional with over 20 years experience in the BFSI technology vertical. Pravin brings well rounded expertise on all aspects of the technology business for capital markets.

Arun Krishnamoorthy

Head of Engineering

Arun has more than 15 years of Software Engineering experience building softwares of various dimensions, for diverse geographies encompassing European, American and Asian territories.

Product Advisory Board

Sumana Ray

Sumana, has over 22 years of experience in the Banking and Capital Markets and has a unique grasp on the use of technology in the capital markets to help drive information based decision making.

Product & Services


FinStinct is a cutting-edge technology product from CapQuant that uses advanced machine learning and statistical techniques to analyse large volumes of data to derive actionable intelligence from it.

FinStinct uses both structured and unstructured data for analysis. The power of analytics is realized by a technology when it is able to combine multiple streams of data to provide a comprehensive view on the insights. Analytics based on the comprehensive view and algorithms based on such analytics form the core components of a next generation front office analytics platform.


Strategy As A Service (SaaS)

70% of the effort required in building automated trading strategies goes into applying the variations of a trading hypothesis on historical data. Strategy creation is a highly iterative process in which the factors, weights and the approach are the moving parts. it is an involved exercise which requires dedicated bandwidth.

CapQuant offers its expertise in building trading strategies which is demonstrated through the existing off the shelf strategies available within FinStinct to its clients. We augment your bandwidth to back test, analyse and optimize strategies.

CapQuant’s SaaS methodology defines a process driven approach to efficiently start from a trading hypothesis and culminate at a trading strategy with a clear defined Return on Strategy.


Street Monitoring Service (SMS)

SMS pushes market relevant and market moving information to clients.

This service from CapQuant brings out the power of artificial intelligence when complemented with human intelligence (HI). While AI can process vast amount of data and discover patterns there are limitations to context sensitivity. Human mind on the other hand can appreciate the context sensitive nature of the information but lacks the ability to process scale of information.

Our analysts pull the information from online sources using the tools which have different components of machine learning in them. After analysing the information the analysts push only the market moving details to the clients.


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